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Get financing with royalties from your catalog. 

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Royalty Funding is a financing method that takes as a reference your copyright income through management companies and music sales and consumption through digital platforms.

Based on the analysis of your income and behavior of your catalog, an economic offer is making in exchange for your future income.

It is not a loan or an advance. You also do not generate a debt nor assign or sell your intellectual property, which will continue to belong to you 100%. 

It is a single operation where you sell the right to collect your future income. And you can do it for just a few years and then have that right return to you, in addition to doing it in the percentage and type of income you want.

You can better understand the process by watching the video at this link.

Artists and catalogs of some operations.

¿Tienes un catálogo con dos años de antigüedad y que genera al menos 2000$ americanos al año? 

Puedes obtener una valoración en solo 4 pasos

Lee nuestras preguntas frecuentes para saber más.


1. Rellena tus datos


2. Firma un NDA online


3. Sube tus reportes


4. Espera nuestro análisis por email

Inicia tu valoración respondiendo lo siguiente:

Mi catálogo genera más de 2000$ americanos al año.
Tengo al menos 2 años de reportes de ingresos con mis catálogos.

Si deseas más información, consulta nuestras Preguntas Frecuentes.

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